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Compounding is the specialized preparation of medications in order to meet the specific needs of a patient.  It’s a fancy way of saying that we can provide many medications in forms that are easier to take. We’re all different, compounding lets us give you what you need in a way that makes it easier.

Home Healthcare

We carry a full line of Home Healthcare products to meet your needs. Whether it’s crutches, a cane or a pill container, why leave Grand Island for your Home Healthcare needs? What we don’t stock, we can quickly order & drop-off. Not sure what the right item is? Stop in and let us help.

Products & Services

Whether you’re in need of a product or a service, it’s the personal touch that sets Island Prescription Center apart. Traveling? We work with your insurance company to provide the medications you need via US Postal Service. Trouble swallowing pills? We can formulate a prescription into a pleasant tasting liquid so it’s easier to swallow. Need advice or assistance? A pharmacist is on call 24/7 to ensure your health & well being.